Lions District 16-J Charitable Foundation

The aim of the Foundation is to raise money through individual contributions, corporate grants, Club donations and various fundraisers, to encourage eye and ear research;  to promote and develop sight and hearing conservation; to aid the blind, the visually impaired, the deaf, and the hard-of-hearing; to provide facilities for the public visual and/or audio screening for eye and ear health, and for such other services as may be pertinent, incidental or related to the provision of such facilities; to provide support to Lions Clubs in District 16-J when warranted as related to the above stated purposes and as duly approved by the Trustees of the Foundation and to render humanitarian and charitable aid.

Membership: All district 16-J Lions, in good standing, are members of the Foundation. All members may attend these dinner meetings, but it is requested that prior notice of attendance be given for meal count. Unless otherwise notified, all meetings are at 7PM, and held at the Spain Inn, Piscataway. Scheduled meeting dates are: